Carpet and Cushion

Premier Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet, style East Dundee, Follow

Brands sold by Ted’s:

Residential – Beaulieu, Masland, Dixie, Gulistan, Karastan, Stanton, Nourison, Tuftex, Helios, Godfrey Hirst, Joy Carpet, Barrett, Camelot, Royalty, Catalina, Fabrica, Kraus, Alexander Smith, The Disney Collection from Shaw
Commercial – Beaulieu, Cambridge, Barrett, Robertex (wool), Dixie, Masland

Carpet is the flooring of choice for millions of Americans. Nothing is warmer, softer or quieter than carpeting.

From sophisticated patterns to colorful solids, Ted's carpet styles come in a full rainbow of shades, tones, hues and textures. We offer the finest carpet brands, both made here in America and imported from around the world.

We have a wide selection of designer colors, patterns and textures that will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to find the perfect carpet to complement your lifestyle and décor.

Why Choose Carpet for Your Home?

With its many styles, textures and types of construction, carpet is the right choice for everyone, from first-time homeowners and retirees, to families with kids and pets. Plus, carpet will maintain its beauty and durability for many years when it is properly chosen, installed and cleaned. Carpet actually improves indoor air quality.